Digital Interactive Price Tag



The digital interactive price tag is a commercial grade android 4.3 inch tablet. They come equipped with EMMC memory making this tablet suitable for digital signage environments .


Components to Influence Buyers Decisions

With the digital interactive price tag, stores are now able to display more information than just product prices and SKUs. Contents can be customized with other information, such as product specs, reviews, demonstration videos or other components that can nudge your customers to buy. 


Cost Savings and Reduce Price Related Errors


According to the New York Times, a typical grocery store puts 5,000 items on sale in a week and removes sale prices from another 5,000. This creates an abundance of opportunity for mismatches when workers print out the new price labels in a back room, then hunt for the proper place on the shelf to attach them. With the digital price tag, changing information such as product prices can done within minutes from a central location. This will reduce cost on printing, labour time and price related errors from replacing the labels manually one by one.  

The problems mentioned above are a multi-billion dollar problem for retailers around the globe. The Digital interactive price tag allows for real time dynamic pricing, improves price accuracy, sharply reduces costs and paper waste and improves in-store communication with customers. 

Retailers now have the ability to dynamically change prices based on contexts such as time of day, customers in proximity, stock levels, seasonal changes, or to reflect what the competition is doing. Imagine the possibilities.

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