NFC Consulting: We are experts on everything NFC


W&S offers innovative Near Field Communication solutions for businesses across different industries. We provide custom NFC solutions that suit your specific business requirements. We have a team of experienced designers, engineers and consultants to help your business with NFC deployment. NFC technology opens up a new world of opportunities for businesses. It offers the best in operational efficiency, convenience and productivity.

We address a rich and highly diversified client base in North America and South Asia. Our client-centered approach gives us the capability to respond with the most efficient and cost-effective solutions. We have our own custom NFC solutions to suit any project need.

We are experts in NFC technology and applications. We can take an unstructured idea and turn it into a well worked business plan. We will build prototypes so that new applications can be tested and honed. We will work to implement the plan, in an ordered and affordable manner, to gain the maximum results.

We are only using the most recent versions of products. Over the last few years product developments have accelerated at an unprecedented pace.

W&S requires each project to be supervised by a principal consultant. Our principal consultants are the most experienced and the best you can possibly get in the field. They monitor your expectations, the progress of the project and the status of innovations.

We have a series of our own custom solutions that are proprietary to us. Making for an affordable and unique customer experience.

Do you want to introduce a digital innovative feel to your product or business without breaking the bank? W&S will do just that!

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