One Beacon

What is it?


 A new developed level of proprietary beacon technology, the ONEbeacon. This new beacon technology combines Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and patent pending sensor technology. A comprehensive beacon management platform provides real time analytics with stunning data visualization tools, indoor position mapping, scheduling and beacon management system.

Provide our clients with a premium, low cost beacon solution that not only supports beacon broadcast standards, but provides a unique “Opt in” feature with Tap or Shake functions through our iOS and Android app SDK’s.

Certification & Specifications


• iBeacon Mfi License (iBC-14-00582)
• FCC Regulation (FCC PArt 15.)
• CE Regulations (included EN300328/301489/60950/62479) 


• Supported iOS 7.0+ and Android 4.3+ system
• Compatible with Apple iBeacon TM standard
• Compatible with all Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) devices

Transmission Power Levels
• 8 adjustable levels, range from 0 to 7
• Transmission power range: -30dBm to +4dBm

Long Range
• The max. Range 100 meters in the open space
• The range depends on the physical environment

Long Battery Lifetime and Battery Level
• 18 months, with the default settings
• LED will be flashing when battery low
• Easy to get the real-time battery level notification

• 8 characters password (Lock/Unlock parameters)
• Broadcast the encrypted data if needed
• AES HW encryption

How Tos


Turn ON/OFF ONEbeacon 

Turn ON
Press the BUTTON and keep holding 5 seconds, the Blue LED will Light on 5 seconds and then off.

Turn OFF
Press the BUTTON and keep holding 5 seconds, the Blue LED will flash 5 times and then off.

Low Battery Indication 

• If the battery level lower to 2.3V, the Red LED will flash a time every 5 seconds; ONEbeacon will stop broadcasting          automatically once the battery level lower to 2.1 volts.

• Batteries should be replaced as soon as possible when the LED is flashing.

• Please do check the polarity of batteries and battery-clip before replacement.

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